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 Our 4-Steps to Ultimate Driveway Protection: 

Step #1 • Your driveway is edged and throughly cleaned using high-powered blowers and steel brushes.


Step #2 • Fresh oil, gas, grease, and chemical stained areas are treated with Neyra's PETROBOND Primer.   

Step #3 • Neyra's HOT TAR CRACK FILLER is 

applied to isolated cracks 1/4" and larger.  

Step #4 • Neyra's TARCONITE coal-tar emulsion sealer is squeegeed applied for thick even coverage.  

Driveway will be barricaded and payment isn't due until 

sealer is completely dry (48 hrs) and your 100% satisfied!

 3-Time Service Award Winner • Angie's List 


Established in 2010, Seal Man LLC is a locally owned and operated asphalt 

maintenance business in Henrico, Virginia.  We specialize in residential and commercial asphalt maintenance and take a customer concentric approach on how we run our business. We take great pride in ensuring all of our customer's are  completely satisfied  with  the job we've  done as well as the overall customer service experience. 

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